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How much noise, dust, and pollution can you tolerate ?

Are you sick of being bombarded with noise, dust, and pollution from leaf blowers ? We would like to change the lawn care culture in our area. Join us to let us know you like what we're doing !


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Leaf blowers and long term health

We know that leaf blowers kick up tremendous amounts of fine particulate matter, also known as PM2.5. In addition, gas-powered blowers produce a cocktail of dangerous pollution. These are particularly hazardous to machine operators and, since the fine particles linger in the air for hours, over the long run they can also be hazardous to people in proximity.

New research shows that areas with higher levels of fine particulate matter - also known as PM2.5 - in the air have a clear link to higher Covid-19 death rates. 

Long-term exposure to air pollution, especially with high levels of PM 2.5, makes it more likely a person will suffer severe consequences of respiratory illnesses, including from Covid-19.

Leaf Blower Noise

Did you once think you were hearing chainsaws somewhere nearby, almost every day ? You weren't too far off. Leaf blowers use noisy two cycle engines with minimal mufflers.


Leaf Blower Dust

Wind blowing out of the nozzle at 200 MPH kicks up enormous amounts of dust, mold spores, and other particulate matter. This gets in people's eyes, lungs, and can cause health complications.


Leaf Blower Pollution

Which creates more pollution ? Driving a Ford Raptor across the USA or running a leaf blower for a half hour ?