Missing: funding for banning gas-powered leaf blowers in next year's City budget. You can change that.

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously in August to support Resolution 32064 banning gas blowers, starting with City department use by 2025. Recently, the Mayor has produced a draft budget for 2023-2024 and there is nothing in it to ban gas blowers. From Tues 25 Nov through 27 Nov, the Council will deliberate amendments to the budget.

The most critical action, at the moment, is to ensure support for a budget amendment supporting implementation of the resolution. Below, we provide a sample letter and the most important people to contact.

CM Pedersen's has produced an amendment to the budget supporting the resolution, specifying details on how much to allocate, what it must be spent on, and incentives and restrictions to ensure that action will be taken. (When we have the final text of the amendment, we will present it here.) Even though the council fully supported adopting the resolution, they could change their mind when it comes to passing an amendment to fund it.

There are a number of steps to adopting an amendment. We briefly explain them below. Again, the first step if the Council's "deliberations." Please write or call them now.

The Resolution

Council Member Pedersen and staff drafted Resolution 32064, which was unanimously passed by the whole City Council in August. But it is just a resolution, not yet law. Here's a brief summary. You can read the full text on our Articles page, under Seattle heading. Even more info Here.

Again, the resolution is an intent, not law, so none of the above are enforceable.

The budget process

Earlier in October, the Mayor's office produced a proposed budget for 2023-2024. This proposal did not contain any allocation to implement Resolution 32064. However, it is only a proposal and now it goes to the City Council to be considered and amended.

Starting 25 Oct through 27 Oct, the Council will discuss and explain all the amendments they put forth. At the end of these deliberations, the amendments go to the Budget Chair, CM Teresa Mosqueda. She will be in charge of creating a "Balancing Package", factoring in all the input thus far: from the public, the Council members, and the Mayor. 

As you can see, the balancing step will be a subjective process. Perhaps some allocations will be cut, but most certainly dollar amounts will be shifted around so that the total doesn't exceed the expected revenue for 2023-2024. Your voice, regarding the budget amendment for Resolution 32064, will make a difference.

The deadline is 21 Nov. On that day, the Council will vote to adopt the revised budget. Up to that time, they will have the opportunity to make further amendments before voting. Once the budget is final, it goes back to the Mayor for signature.

What to say

Here's a suggested letter you may optionally rewrite and send to the mayor and executive committee. We list the email addresses and phone numbers below.

Whom to contact:

To send to all council members, simply use council@seattle.gov. If you wish to target a few specific council members, here are the three most important, in this order:


You'll get an occassional email.