All around the country, cities and communities are taking steps towards alternatives for quieter and cleaner yard maintenance. We have listed several on the Articles page. We hope Seattle will soon be proudly on that list.

If you choose to use a machine, take a look at some of the products we show below to inspire you(*). We encourage you to do further research on your own to find the products best suited for your situation. We will continue to enhance this page to show you a broader selection of products.

(*) Disclaimer: Quiet Clean Seattle LLC has not tested any of the machines shown on this page and does not endorse any of them nor the suggested vendors.

What you can do

Try a rake & broom, seriously !
  • The old adage, perfect is the enemy of good, applies. For most areas, don't fret if you leave a few specs around. If you have some areas that must be spec free, then at least you'll be using a blower a lot less.
  • If you're concerned about cost, find a neighborhood kid to do some work for you. Small money for you, big money for them.
  • If you have time, would you appreciate a little exercise ? Listen to a podcast while you sweep.
  • At least think of all the fine dust that gets kicked up by leaf blowers, potentially causing asthma and other health problems for those around.
Eliminate the need for a blower:
  • Leave the leaves under trees and shrubs to build healthy soil and habitat for pollinators and wildlife. Scoured soil exposes roots and causes water runoff.
  • Instead of mow-edge-blow, just mow. Leave grass clippings to improve your lawn. You can still use a mower bag to catch clippings if you prefer.
  • Replace resource-intensive lawns with native, drought tolerant, pollinator-friendly plants. Native shrubs with good ground cover require far less maintenance.
  • Be tolerant of a few specks left here and there. A few hours after blowing will result in new specks anyway
Consider electric-powered machines:
  • Use a vacuum instead of a blower. Why blow dust everywhere when your end goal is to collect debris? Commercial yard vacuums are available.
  • Commercial battery-powered leaf blowers meet or exceed wind velocity and volume of gas blowers.
  • Electric equipment needs almost no maintenance. And it will still work instantly after sitting in the garage all winter.
  • No more annoying trips to the gas station. No more hauling a jerry can around with you.
Take action. Also visit the Take Action page.
  • Ask landscapers, arborists, roofers, etc. to use brooms, rakes, or vacuums instead of blowers to clean up where practical.
  • Hire eco-landscapers that are already out there.
  • Pass this flyer to your neighbors and friends. Explain that it’s their choice to have a discussion with their yard maintenance companies about using leaf blowers.
  • Talk with contractors about the harmful effects of all gas equipment. Ask what they can do for you without using blowers and gas equipment in general.

Driveways and other firm surfaces

If you don't want to push a broom, here are a couple of alternatives. If you have a lot of debris, consider using a broom to collect the large items and leaves. Then use one of these sweepers to collect the small, pesky stuff.

Karcher S650 Outdoor Push Sweeper

From the manufacturer: 

  • Dual spinning brushes clean up to 5X faster than a broom
  • Human-powered sweeper weighs only 22 lbs. and is easy to push
  • Ideal for sweeping pavement, roads, driveways and garages

Available from Home Depot

Powr-Flite Industrial Push Sweeper

From the manufacturer: Picks up dirt and debris from large areas and is ideal for maitaining parking lots, garages, patios, warehouses or any other hard floor area. Durable polyethylene body with tubular steel fold up handle. 32" cleaning path provides a work rating of 17,000 sq. ft. per hour for maximum productivity. Lightweight and easy to maneuver. Height adjustment allows for efficient cleaning on various terrains. Quadra Brush System for efficient dirt and debris containment (not used for small dust particles).

Available from Global Industries

Shrubs and flower beds

Instead of blowing, try vacuuming. We understand that you can't rake shrubs and flowers but these vacuums might do the trick. Really, though, just consider letting small amounts of grass clippings and other small plant matter alone to add to the mulch around your plants.

Ryobi Cordless Leaf Vacuum/Mulcher

From the manufacturer: The RYOBI 40-Volt VAC ATTACK Cordless Leaf Vacuum features 2-in-1 vacuum and mulching functions to make yard clean up quick and convenient. Featuring a durable metal impeller, shred up to 16-bags of leaves down to just 1. It includes a heavy-duty bag and adjustable wheels, allowing you to easily maneuver over a variety of terrains. The variable speed dial gives you ultimate control. Tear through large piles of leaves or dial back the speed for precision vacuuming in plant beds.

Available from Home Depot

Toro Ultra Blower/Vac

From the manufacturer: The Toro Ultra delivers all the power and versatility you need to tackle yard clean-up chores. It offers a rugged metal impeller and variable speed air control. Its blower inserts for multiple applications allow you to tackle any space. The powerful, up to 250-mph, air stream clears debris, sticks and large, heavy leaves. It converts quickly to an aggressive vacuum without any tools and reduces 88% of mulched debris to less than 1/2-inch.

This is an electric corded model.

Available from


We really don't want to recommend blowers. However, here are a couple electric models that could easily replace gas powered blowers. But, please, just "leave the leaves."

Stihl BGA 200 Blower

From the manufacturer: The most powerful battery-powered blower in the STIHL line, the BGA 200 is ideally suited for low-noise environments, and delivers a range of features that allow professional landscapers, and homeowners with large properties, to take on almost any blowing task. With no onboard battery, users can enjoy a lightweight, ergonomic design. Quiet operation allows homeowners and professionals to work at times and in areas where noise may be an issue. The three power levels with variable speed as well as a boost mode help tackle stubborn debris, and the cruise control setting allows users to maintain blowing force without holding down the trigger. In addition to performance features, the adjustable blower tube with metal ring gives operators the ability to adjust tube length to what works best for them with a single push of a button, and the metal ring provides durability and protection against wear. Must be used with battery belt or AR-style backpack battery.

Available from Aurora Rents

EGO Power Blower

From the manufacturer: The EGO POWER+ 580 CFM Blower is the most advanced cordless blower in the industry! Turbine fan engineering, inspired by advanced aeronautics technology, performs better than premium gas-powered models. The high-efficiency brushless motor delivers longer run time, low vibrations and an extended motor life. The included flat and tapered nozzle attachments make clearing debris even easier. This quiet, light-weight and compact blower gets the job done better and faster! Experience Power Beyond Belief without the noise, fuss and fumes.

Available from

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